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Providing labour hire to Australian farmers


HM Origins is an Australian owned and operated company.

We specialise in recruiting seasonal workers for fruit and vegetable farms across Sunraysia and the surrounding region since 2005. From then on, we have kept on upgrading, extending our networks and services to become a nation-wide workforce.

We are passionate about bringing a reliable workforce to rural and remote farmers who are struggling to find workers to harvest their crops within a given time frame, or even just a new project.

HM Origins have successfully managed a couple of projects for Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry growers in Western Australia recently, from building tunnels to planting, and from harvesting to packing. We are an A to Z solution for our customers.

Labour Hire for Australian Farm Industries

Why we're different

HM Origins is a licensed labor supplier based in Victoria, supplying workforces across many premium produce regions in Australia. All our workers are treated fairly within complete compliance with relevant visa regulations and Fair Work standards.

HM Origins ensures that all our workers and clients are in good hands because the success of your operation and workforce is our priority. We believe in sourcing the right people for the right job combined with the best training. Giving our clients the best way to enhance cost efficiency for a healthy bottom line.

We employ local workers, as well as overseas workers with a focus on providing a reliable and efficient workforce. Many of our overseas workers come from Asian regions, however we also provide opportunities for overseas workers from all corners of the globe.

The majority of our workers have past and current experience working with top brands in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

HM Origins supply core services such as Agriculture Recruitment, Project management, OH and Safety, Accounts and payroll, Immigration Compliance.

Trusted by some of Australia's largest growers

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