Harvest Estimated Start Date

Jun, 2023

Mandarin Harvest 2023

Want to see how much you can earn on Piece Rate Job at the largest fresh fruit grower in Sunraysia?

The piece rate will be announced prior to any jobs commencing and will be reviewed on a daily basis.

Guarantee minimum wage of $26.73/h

Start approximately 1st – 7th th Jun 2023 and will be ending around the end of Nov.

Shared transportation and accommodation Assistant ( Limited seats and rooms )

Eligible Postcode for Working Holiday Visa Maker 462-417

Training provided.


Harvest roles we need

  • Mandarin Pickers- Pay as Piece Rate
  • Sort/Packer- Hourly Rate
  • Quality Control
  • Dispatch Role
  • Forklift Driver

Who we need

  • Must be physically fit
  • Self-motivated and a CAN-DO work ethic a plus.


HM Origins is totally committed to ensuring the safety of all our staff, and all successful applicants are required to participate in inductions, training and pre-employment education so they’re equipped with the necessary safety knowledge and appropriate skills prior to starting work. Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing will be carried out prior to harvest and randomly throughout the season.

Harvest Date

June, 2023

Harvest Locations


Apply Here

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