What you need to know about fruit picking jobs in Australia

August 26, 2022

Are you a traveller looking to visit Australia and experience all that this beautiful country has to offer without burning through your savings? 

Fruit picking jobs in the agriculture industry in Australia may be the perfect opportunity for you to strike a balance between work and play – and right now, seasonal work is a great way to work and travel.

HM Origins Australia have a range of roles available for travellers to fund their Down Under adventures in Australia, providing they have the correct work visa. 

Most of the fruit picking jobs can be found in regional and remote areas of Australia, where much of the nation’s fresh produce is grown. These positions are a great way for temporary foreign workers and locals alike to explore and experience all that a regional lifestyle has to offer.  

If you’re ready to make money while exploring a new environment, short-term agricultural work may be the answer. Often the process begins with a simple application. Before taking that step, however, it’s important to make sure that you know the realities of fruit picking and what to expect. 

What skills do I need to be a fruit picker? 

Physical fitness, the ability to work quickly and consistently for long periods of time, and a can-do attitude are the most sought-after qualities in workers on fruit farms. 

Fruit picking jobs can be physically demanding, often requiring workers to make repetitive physical movements like squatting, bending and climbing ladders. The workers best suited to these jobs are those who genuinely enjoy practical work. 

While speed on the job is important, especially in piece-rate jobs, workers must be nimble enough to practise gentle harvesting techniques and pick fruit without causing damage to the produce. It’s also important that workers have enough basic knowledge of fresh produce to separate and discard fruits showing signs of decay or insect infestation. 

Finally, flexibility in terms of working hours is also essential as working hours will often depend on the amount of produce waiting to be picked.

How much do fruit pickers earn in Australia?

The pay fruit pickers receive will depend on the pay structure, whether piece rate or hourly wage. Jobs paid at an hourly rate offer the benefit of compliance, paying at or above the industry standard minimum wage. While piece-rate workers now also receive a minimum hourly wage, the pay structure still incentivises workers for speed and efficiency, allowing them to increase their earnings. Either way, it’s important that candidates have a good understanding of what they will be paid before applying for or accepting a new job. 

Where can I find the best fruit picking work in Australia?

While fruit pickers are needed across the country at different times of year, job availability depends on the weather conditions and the fruit being harvested. The latter is determined largely by the season, and while peak picking season generally runs from December until May, this timing can vary based on conditions. In the southern states, from South Australia to Victoria and New South Wales, November to February is peak picking time, whereas the season typically lasts until May in northern Queensland and New South Wales. 

With limited accommodation available, it’s also important to consider housing as a key factor when applying for and accepting jobs. Increasingly, workers are turning to nearby towns for accommodation within easy travelling distance of their workplace.  

What else is there to do while I’m in Australia?

There are more tourist attractions in Australia than there is time to explore them all! If you’re planning on working in one place, you will have plenty of time to get to know the local area and immerse yourself in the community alongside your workmates. 

On the other hand, if you plan to see as much of the country as possible, HM Origins Australia’s Harvest Trail opens up wide-ranging opportunities to earn money and make memories in Australia’s agriculture industry. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef of the North Queensland coastline, visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge or head down to South Australia and ride a camel. When you have access to ongoing work, the options are as broad as the country itself! 

Talk to the agricultural recruitment specialists  

If you’re looking for work in the Australian agriculture industry, HM Origins Australia has a wide range of opportunities to suit your skills and preferences. We have been recruiting workers in the agricultural industry for many years and our candidate care policy makes us an employer of choice for thousands of workers who come from overseas to work, travel and play in Australia. When you secure a position with HM Origins Australia, you don’t just take a job – you become part of a family.

Want to join us on a job? This is your chance to earn and experience more – click here for more information about our available opportunities.

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